lost and found

Everything about goat raising is new to me. When I got my first goats, “babies” and her buckling that I named “primus”(my FIRST buck..) ,the owner was so cool and offered to wait for me to get there so that she could teach me how to band and give CD\T vaccine. She also showed me how to trim ‘babies’ hooves. It was awesome to participate and learn. Hell, I had never had contact with a goat before and I fell in love with that little guy the moment I saw him bouncing around in the evasive ,zig-zag pattern. I was so excited as I picked up this month old kid and held him for his “treatments”! And I was so excited and grateful to be dealing with someone who was taking the time to answer all my nervous questions, pass on her knowledge and technical experience and see the whole process through to ensure that I was comfortable and that her goats were being passed safely into my care. I would later learn that there is a tradition in animal husbandry called MENTORING and my later experiences would find me meeting many new people who are generous of themselves and so down to earth. Even so , I remain as grateful as when I first met her and her husband. It is sad to say but it seems when you get away from the rural setting ,and the people who share a love for the rural lifestyle,people just don’t seem as openly accepting of others . I still ,at times, am so dumbfounded by the friendliness I come across . I am so lucky to have had such a great first experience. I can remember them chuckling over my excitement. I was as giddy as a child at christmas, in fact, when they commented on my excitement ,I remember saying,”it’s just like Christmas!”

Yesterday, I was picking up bedding that got dragged into the pasture, and felt something small, round and firm. I thought i had picked up a handful of goat berries so I put the pile down. As I brushed the hay apart with my hand I saw it: there were bucklings’ testicles that I had helped band ! “gee” , I thought, “you don’t see that everyday!” There’s something new on the farm almost every day!

Thankyou Amanda!


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