Baby Steps

"Primus" demasculinizing a post

“Primus” demasculinizing a post

At 3 months old my wether is still wary of me . There are some days when he is more so than others. Either way ,despite my patience , it bothers me a bit. This seems to be normal for bucks and if anyone knows the facts about this, please let me know . I’m starting to get hurt feelings! Needless to say, this makes it hard to put a lead on him ,which will make it impossible to work with him and manage his care. So, gradually I am trying to get him accustomed to a lead . I usually coax him close with some corn and then grasp the collar I have on him.The one with the bell . Yeah, that’s right… I put a bell on his collar .It has a lower tone than the one that Babies wears so I can tell where they are when I don’t see them. The first few times I just held it while he hopped around and did his best to pull out of it . I only pulled to get closer to him to release him . Eventually I took him for a walk around the pasture. His mom followed . She seemed more jealous than anything as she kept blocking me and rubbing against me . She likes to go for walks with me as it always ends deliciously ! When the day came to take him to the milking stand to check his hooves , I first put Babies on a leash , then attached a leash to her leash which I then attached to his collar . I thought he might respond with less fear if his mom walked him. I took Babies by the leash toward the house and Primus followed his mom . Sure , it was a little rough at first but Deb joined us and helped out . She really seemed to enjoy working with them which made me happy. I think it was the most interaction she has had with them  while they were cooperating ! . Primus was a bit hesitant about being directed onto the stand , but , once again , there’s that bitchin’ sweet corn . During this time of year I’ll only use it for treats ,and, coersion ! By the time I took a look at his hooves he was being a real sport about it all and trimming his hooves went beautifully . On the way back to the pasture , Debbie walked him separately and he seemed very excited and playful.( I’m telling you , the dude likes corn! ) We stopped at a favorite wild shrub in the field , one that I learned the name of but have since forgotten , and they both attacked this thing like lions on a kill . The last two days I have tethered Primus to the shelter so I could work in the pasture without him getting into trouble and he seems to be getting used to the idea . Give this a try if circumstances allow. As always , however , patience is the  key .


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