Set Backs

photo(1) You know what they say : “#&^% happens !” . I hate when that happens ! I like to move forward but it is unreasonable not to expect a set back occassionally . Especially on the farmstead .Just think of all the things you do and use on the farm and their interdependence with each other .

Yesterday Deb and I set about to catch up on the firewood a bit . We took the atv and cart with needed supplies out into our wooded property to fetch the wood I had down on the ground . A quick bit of cutting with chainsaw  and loading and hauling of eight or so cart loads to the wood pile left us with one small pile and the fuel can left in the woods. It went so quickly with Deb , the company was awesome ,she was enjoying herself , and I felt a great weight lifted having just accomplished so much , so relatively easily . The universe was on my side today I thought ! Sometimes it makes you wonder what you did to deserve such a break . We went out for the last load . Ofcourse I shut the atv down as we loaded the last bit of wood and I packed up my supplies . We got on the quad while commenting about the cooling affects of working in the pouring rain . I turned the key and pressed the electric start and : ‘click’ . Nothing . Turn the key , power is on , the headlights work , atv in neutral , brake down , push the button : ‘click’ . !@#$%^&  There’s that question again : what did I do to deserve this ? , except now I’m on the other side , and I don’t like it ! But what can you do ? Shit happens . This atv is the workhorse on my property . It’s my tractor . Granted I don’t yet own any agricultural tools for it  but I still use it in so many of the day to day activities on the farm , and here it is stuck in the woods in the pouring rain . ‘Click’ . ‘Click’ my ass !

It amazed me at how calm my wife stayed . At the very least I thought she would express some concern about the cost of repair , but , nothing .” Oh well . I’m sorry about your quad . That happens , there’s nothing you can do to prevent it and you’ll get it fixed .”  Wow . That’s it ? I can’t even go ballistic about it now , which would have felt good , without feeling like a moron . She had to take the high road on the situation and I don’t want to be mature about it ! Then , I don’t know why , I just lost interest in being pissed off . I guess without the pressure of worrying what Deb would think  I took it for what it is : a temporary set back .

Now , how am I going to get it home……..?


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