Taste Test

Since that first taste of ‘Babies’ milk I have been researching about the taste of goat milk . I do this with every question that arises . I guess in days gone by you either settled for what you had or drove through the country side asking around . These days the internet is our information source . I always try to find information from universities , coop extension services , or breeders with long and successful histories who like to share . As with most topics , there is no shortage of people with opinions , but you really have to sort them out and take things with a ‘grain of salt ‘ in the case of the casual hobbyists .

There are many ‘ old wives’ tales ‘ in the case of goat milk taste and you will come across them all if you do your investigation , so I will tell you what I learned in short and simple terms . The ‘goaty ‘flavor in the milk is caused by an enzyme known to goats . Some people like it and have bred for it . Some prefer it for making their cheese . Frankly , it makes me gag and I am not sure if I could just ‘get used to it ‘. Not all goats produce milk of this type which is why you’ll get opinions ranging from sweet and creamy , to , ‘goaty’ . This is absolutely true , and the bottom line , I’ve learned ,in getting a goat with milk that you can drink , is to taste the milk of the doe or her mother before you purchase . A good ,reputable breeder will give you an accurate account of the lines’ milk taste , though keep in mind that there could be individuals of the line that fall anywhere in between the two extremes of taste . As in all aspects of your farming ,do your homework , use reputable sources , and when it comes to buying  that household milk maker , start with a taste test!

So , you have a goat now that you like and you are all excited about getting her milk , and you find out that antifreeze would taste better than the drain water  that she produces . What do you do now ?  You are a homesteader ! When you’re done scratching your head and wondering how the hell the kids drink this stuff and seem so excited about it , figure out a new plan of action . Flexability is essential on the homestead . Thank goodness for the versatility of this wonderful product . Its’ properties are adored for soap , yogurt and cheese . I am going to try to make soap with mine as it is touted as being a great reliever of psoriasis , and since I don’t plan on eating  soap anytime soon , the problem is solved .

It’s funny that with all the research I did prior to getting my first goats , I never found any information related to the taste of goat milk . Since I have started this venture I have come across many situations that required either more knowledge or a quick “tweek” to the plan in use to fit my situation . That is the ‘experience ‘ side of things , and I guess there are so many little things that an experienced farmer could teach you if he/she was by your side at any given time . I enjoy those little puzzle solvers and feel satisfied when I accomplish them . You will too .photo (18)


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